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A view of Vancouver Island and nearby islands from the general vicinity of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.  Victoria can be seen in the distance (top right)

Samples from my Film Collection.  Click to zoom

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This site features nature photography by Eric C. Anderson, as well as his blog "Through My Lens,"  which focuses on nature photography as well as current events, electronics projects Eric is working on, and more.  The site also includes My Autobiography and some Clear Light History.  I hope you enjoy my website!


My Film Collection

My Film Photography predates the digital era.  It also predates modern image processing software, also known as "post processing" software.  This site - in its previous incarnation - had many of the photographs from that period of my life.  Over time, I will be adding them back in for your enjoyment.   I’ll start out with just Arches National Park.

Copyright © Anderson Creations
Copyright © Anderson Creations

More Recent Work

Since the advent of digital cameras (of which I played a major role - see my biography and resume), I have been moving with the newest technology as it became available.  My most recent purchase is a Sony RX100M3, with incredible capabilities.  My other main camera now is the Sony NEX-5N, and a set of lenses to give me a nice range of field of view.  I have owned Canon 10D and 20D cameras, as well.


Besides the improvement in camera technology, from film to early digital, to today’s very advanced digital, there has been a similar advance in image processing software.  Most of my early work was post-processed with Adobe Photoshop.  More recently, I have used tools from companies such as DxO and Macphun.  I primarily use DxO Optics Pro for adjusting perspective distortion.  I use Luminar and Aurora HDR from Macphun for most of my other work.  I still use Photoshop for occasional work removing artifacts between sky and not-sky, and for a few other functions.  With Luminar, I can get incredible results in minutes that used to take hours on Photoshop - and the results are significantly more attractive, as well.  I highly recommend those two products!

Copyright © Anderson Creations
Copyright © Anderson Creations

Samples from my Digital Collection.  Click to zoom

Copyright © Anderson Creations

About My Blog "Through My Lens"

I want you to see things Through My Lens whether you agree or disagree with me. That's how we learn. So thank you for your comments whether you agree with me or whether you vehemently disagree with me.  Of course, I don’t expect you to "disagree" with my photos, but I do hope you will comment on them!  Click on the image below to access my blog.

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My Other Websites 

Over the years, I have created a number of other sites.  The most recent one is my active Digital Collection landscape photographic site, hosted by  You can see it, and my best photo work, here:


  Digital Collection


Other sites, based on various technologies that I no longer wish to use, are still functioning, but are out of date:


  Some older photos

 -  My online education system


Both of these sites are still functioning, but their e-commerce functions are disconnected, as are the "contact us" functions.  But you can see lots of cool stuff on both sites! is actually a subset of, also my work, but it shows other photographers work, as well as mine.









Clear Light 

My early engineering life was at a startup called Clear Light.  I helped launch the company in 1971, developed many products, and then moved to Apple when the technology was changing too fast for the company to keep up.  Read my Clear Light History and view the Clear Light Photos of some of the over 55 products I developed there.  We also have some impact with demonstration shows, actual shows we produced and trucked around to over 500,000 viewers, and music.  Check that out on the Clear Light Media page.

My Digital Collection

You can access my Digital Collection by clicking on the link below:

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