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We have a wide selection of beautiful nature and panorama photography for you to enjoy on our site.  Feel free to browse.  Simply click on one of the photo categories above.  To be notified when we add new images to the site, sign up for our free email notification by clicking on the Email Sign-Up button above.  You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button above. 

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We have split up our photography into sections.  Each section has a button on the navigation bar.  There are more sections than will fit on a single navigation bar.  Therefore, you can switch between sections of the website by using the >> and << buttons.  These buttons will appear at the left and right ends of the main navigation bar at appropriate times for your convenience.

More Recent Work

Frankly, this website is old, creaky and barely held together with baling wire and duck tape.  Sorry about that:  as we get older, we lose interest in some things, or lose track of some things.  It also features ONLY film photography.  Film?  What's that?  Ha ha!  Yes, we have all made the switch to digital - except a few hold-outs.

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 continued from first column...

Since I have gone digital, and started (and ended) several companies during the first 10 years of the new century, I have not paid a lot of attention to my old film work.  But actually, it is still pretty good, considering what tools I had and the limitations of film.

With digital, things have exploded.  There are three sites of my photography of interest you should check out.

1. My Photo blog:  OK, so this blog also covers many other areas of interest that I have, such as Arduino, Science and Technology, Religion, Politics, and Prepping, but there are a LOT of my current images to enjoy, with lots of interesting stories about each!

Check it out!  Photo Blog

2. My site.  500px is a site for photographers to share their work among peers and offer it for sale.  The site also provides a way to generate a separate portfolio site. 

Check it out!

3. Finally, an older site, more up to date than this one, but still featuring film photography, is available at the following address:

Check it out!

This site is part of, a site I set up to support multiple artists.