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My Favorites

My favorites include Software, Books, Music, and Hobbies and Interests.  Click on the buttons above to view these lists.

Favorite Websites

I use a lot of websites.  I purchase most of my goods - other than gas and food - via the web.  Here is a smattering of websites I visit frequently.

Great PC's, Low Prices, Great Support!

My favorite supplier of custom-built PC's that are significantly less expensive than the "big guys" is  Talk to Max.  They can build to your specifications or needs, or to a specific budget target.  Telephone and email support is excellent - they really know the hardware and software!  Just tell them what you want, or what you want to do, and your budget, and they will propose a system to maximize your dollar to your application.

Investment Sites

I spend a fair amount of time on investing these days.  In a bear market, you can't invest the usual way and be successful.


Yahoo DJ Big Chart:  This is my favorite Dow Jones chart to watch.  I use the 5-day chart because I am very interested in, and follow the Elliott Wave Principle as a guide to my investments


Elliott Wave International:  This website is where I receive my information on the current status of the wave patterns.  The Short Term Update is essential to successful investing!


Fidelity Investments:  Known as one of the strongest brokerage houses, they have a great web interface, and a great "Active Trader Pro" software package for frequent traders.


Safe Money Report:  This newsletter is an excellent guide to investing safely in the current bear market.  Mostly focuses on the US market and economy.


Weiss Ratings:  A great site to find out how safe your insurance company is, or your bank, brokerage firm, HMO, or other insurance companies.  This is important in the bear market - you can lose 100% of your "investment" in these areas if the company you are using goes belly up.


Options Express:  I sometimes find it easier to get an options list here than using the Fidelity tools.  Specifically, it is easier to find LEAPS using this tool.


Big Charts:  When I want a custom chart, here is where I can get it.  I just wish the charts would provide more than daily prices for 1 month and longer...


Gold Chart:  If you want to follow the gold market, here is a great chart, provided by Kitco.

Other Sites and Favorite Organizations

Here are some miscellaneous sites I use on a regular basis...

bulletSci-Fi Book Club:  If you love Sci-Fi, and you are not a member yet, now is the time to sign up!
bulletDelphion:  Since I am an avid inventor, I need access to my patents when the are published, or to do research.  This is my patent site.
bulletSchwan's:  I like access to quickie breakfasts, lunches, and easy dinners.  If they deliver in your area, try them out.  Great cookie dough, good pizzas, breakfast foods.
bulletWorld Vision:  Great organization, doing great work!
bulletWycliffe Bible Translators:  Another great organization doing great work.  Both of these deserve your support!
bullet Alliance Defense Fund:  An organization undoing the terrible work of the ACLU.  I love these guys!

Continued in right column...

Favorite websites, continued...

News Sites

I depend on a few sites to get most of my news...  That is, besides reading the local paper and watching evening news on Fox.

bulletFrontPage Magazine:  a great source of commentary on current events.  Articles are submitted from many sources.
bulletWashington Times:  This is the National Weekly Edition - a great source of conservative news.
bulletFox News:  This has become my favorite news channel.  I got sick and tired of hearing anti-US bias on CBS, and now exclusively watch Fox.

Web Stores  This is a good source of everything electronic, including software.  Usually a very good price, and excellent service.
bulletVista Print:  Need inexpensive but high quality printing, such as business cards, post cards, brochures?  Here is my favorite source.  Design your card on-line!
bulletPC Cables:  Need low cost cables for your PC?  This is the place!  How could I get along without Amazon?  A great site for books!  Electronics are a bit pricy.
bulletIntuit:  This is the source for Quicken and TurboTax, software I use quite often.
bulletCheap Software:  If they have what you want, you can't beat the prices here!

Website Development

If you develop websites, these links may be of interest to you

bulletGoDaddy:  Low cost domain registration, forwarding, DNS management.  Very nice web interface.
bullet Free ASP softwareWebWiz is a great source of free ASP software, including a very nice forum package (bulletin board system).
bullet Site Search EngineFusionbot provides an excellent, customizable site search engine for a low monthly rate.
bullet QuickCommerce:  A reliable e-commerce supplier, using transaction servers.
bulletBid-Ranked Search Engines:  My favorite is, with and as alternates.  Overture has become very expensive (minimum bid is $0.10), so I try to get the most traffic from ah-ha or 7search.
bullet Reseller's ChoiceMy favorite source for a bundle of websites at an excellent rate.  Reliable supplier!

Christian Ministries

Some favorites:

bullet is full of wonderful testimonies to the power of God.
bulletFocus on the Family:  One of the most influential family ministries in America today, and one of the founders of the Alliance Defense Fund.
bulletMuseltof Christian Ministries:  A very interesting British group with some common threads in their background to mine.

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