Over the years I have lived in the Santa Clara Valley, I have had many opportunities to capture images at or close to the beautiful coastline of Northern California.  This series includes scenes from as far south as Big Sur and as far north as the Marin Highlands just north of San Francisco.  These pictures are taken from my very first Photo CD, in 1994.

Enjoy the pictures!  Remember:  click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version.  Use the Up button to return to this page, or use the Previous and Next buttons to scan directly through the screen sized images.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Eric C. Anderson
All Rights Reserved

CD01-095.jpg (57155 bytes)

Saratoga Spring

CD01-089.jpg (52181 bytes)

Asilomar Deer

CD01-081.jpg (21465 bytes)

Heermann's Gull

CD01-077.jpg (35507 bytes)

Children at Santa Cruz

CD01-076.jpg (33040 bytes)

Sunset Waves

CD01-069.jpg (53920 bytes)

Big Sur Highway

CD01-066.jpg (45649 bytes)

Coastline Flora

CD01-059.jpg (46659 bytes)

Coastline Lake, Big Sur

CD01-055.jpg (29451 bytes)

Coastline Rocks

CD01-047.jpg (36490 bytes)

Marin Headlands Coastline

CD01-053.jpg (36855 bytes)

Big Sur Coastline

CD01-035.jpg (31198 bytes)

Santa Cruz Beach

CD01-034.jpg (35221 bytes)

Fun with Waves

CD01-021.jpg (49008 bytes)

Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay

CD01-020.jpg (43414 bytes)

Moss Beach

CD01-009.jpg (43416 bytes)

Fall Harvest in Half Moon Bay

CD01-014.jpg (44348 bytes)

Halloween Harvest

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