Hawaii Big Island

Our visit to the Big Island of Hawaii in July of 1998 was our second visit to this fascinating state.  We stayed on the west side of the island - where the only water was the ocean or water sprayed by the hotels to keep the grounds green.  We visited the east side - wet jungle - to visit the famous volcano.  We were very lucky - the volcano had an active flow beginning the evening of our arrival!  We took a helicopter over the lava for photographs the next day.

Enjoy the pictures!  Remember:  click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version.  Use the Up button to return to this page, or use the Previous and Next buttons to scan directly through the screen sized images.

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Hawaii Sunset.jpg (68107 bytes)

Kohala Coast Lagoon Sunset

CD73-042 Lagoonbyday.jpg (69808 bytes)

Kohala Coast Lagoon

CD73-065 Lavaflow lagoon.jpg (92129 bytes)

Kohala Lagoon and Lava Fields

CD72-099 sunset.jpg (27431 bytes)

Kohala Coast Sailing Sunset

CD73-005 lava.jpg (52128 bytes)

Lava Flow from Helicopter

CD73-082 East Coast.jpg (54676 bytes)

East Coast Waipi'o Valley

CD73-092 jungle flowers.jpg (47369 bytes)

East Coast Jungle Flowers

CD72-069 Akaka Falls.jpg (51685 bytes)

Akaka Falls

CD72-044 Kilauea.jpg (52637 bytes)

Kilauea Hot Springs

CD72-077 Kilauea Caldera.jpg (76857 bytes)

Kilauea Caldera

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