Our first visit to Hawaii was to the "Garden Island" of Kauai, Hawaii in March 1996..  We stayed on the north coast of the island in Hanalei Bay - you know, the home of Puff, the Magic Dragon...  Yes, it was a drug song!  (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, check out Peter, Paul, and Mary).  We stayed at the Hanalei Bay Resort, located on the site where South Pacific was filmed.   It was a beautiful experience!  I recommend Kauai as the island to visit if you are into natural beauty!

Enjoy the pictures!  Remember:  click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version.  Use the Up button to return to this page, or use the Previous and Next buttons to scan directly through the screen sized images.

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Hawaii sunset 2.jpg (35988 bytes)

Sunset from Napali Shore

Napali Shore.jpg (44030 bytes)

Napali Shores from Boat

Bali Hai.jpg (62735 bytes)

Hanalei Bay view from Bali Hai

CD52-002 Bali Hai View.jpg (58014 bytes)

Hanalei Bay view from Resort suite balcony

Hanalei Bay.jpg (62907 bytes)

Hanalei Bay view from Hanalei beach near South Pacific filming site

Helio View.jpg (41401 bytes)

Waimea Canyon viewed from Helicopter

Napali Helio.jpg (38354 bytes)

Napali Shores from Helicopter

Flower Group.jpg (42215 bytes)

Hawaiian Flowers

CD52-021 Resort.jpg (90871 bytes)

Hanalei Bay Resort
Highly recommended!

Lighthouse.jpg (60967 bytes)

North Shore Kilauea Lighthouse

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